Once he awoke this morning, and I sang “Happy Birthday to You. ”  I told him the story of how he entered the world–when his Daddy declared he was indeed a boy.  And I whispered in his ear, “but I knew you were a boy the entire time you were in my womb–I knew you were my son.”  I was met with a happy grin from my babe-turned-boy.

Then, his Daddy and I presented him with a fun birthday card and the birthday gift we picked out for him months and months ago: play food and play kitchen utensils for our little chef.

He wanted to show the camera his new age.  It required use of both hands.

We joined his grandparents and great grandpa on a trip to City Market for some sights and tastes of C’ville.

At the moment, we’re rearranging furniture since more grandparents are joining us for a very informal and special family celebration.  Stay tuned for final photos of the gluten-free chocolate and peanut butter dinosaur cake that Calvin and I crafted together.

Here’s to a wonderful year of Three!

It’s that time of year, when parents are keeping their little ones home to recuperate because they have a fever. There is definitely something going around.

In fact, my little guy woke up with a fever on Thursday night. I should’ve suspected something was up when he refused to eat food and drink water throughout the day, and he was unusually fussy.

It’s amazing what a lot of hugs, cuddling, and rest can do to help a child bounce back in less than 36 hours. Oh, and yes, I did check my child’s spine and deliver any necessary chiropractic adjustments to allow his nervous system and immune system to perform to full capacity.

What should you do if your child has a fever? Usually, the best course of action is to leave it alone. But, check out my post over at Scoliosisdoc.com that addresses fevers in adults as well as babies and small children.

It’s been a long time since mealtimes left a ridiculous aftermath that looked something like this…

These days, Calvin just ends up getting peas, eggs, chicken, and whatever else is for dinner inside his belly, but there’s usually a few casualties on the table, chair, and of course, the floor.

Thank goodness for vacuum cleaners and all the other modern day inventions that make domestic life a little easier.

Thank goodness for our new smart seat chair protector.


It’s machine-washable, and usually, stains wipe up easily with only a damp washcloth.  Essentially, it’s stain-resistant and waterproof.  The smart seat attaches/unattaches easily to a variety of dining chair types and sizes with hook-and-loop closures on the straps.

It’s easy on/off to save my furniture and help with clean-up.

The seat cover is available in sandstone and midnight blue (shown in the


Room for improvement:

I’d love to see a greater variety of seat cover fabric options in fun prints (such as Amy Butler or Ikea).

The Smart Seat retails for $19.99, and it’s available for purchase on www.smartseatdiningchaircovers.com. Special deals and offers are exclusive to their Facebook page.

When meal time is over and it’s time to load the dishwasher (one of the greatest inventions of all time), my son eagerly assists.  His favorite part of the task is adding the dishwashing powder, then clicking the cover over the powder, shutting the dishwasher door, and turning it on.

Since I first learned that many brands of dishwashing soap also contain chlorine (notice that pungent smell when the soap gets hot?), perfumes, and dyes, I tried using “green” brands.

Most of the green brands were weak.  They didn’t cut the grease, and they left me twice as much work scraping and cleaning dishes after a cycle in the dishwasher–major fail.

I was about to throw in the towel on green dishwashing soaps when EcoStore asked me to try a couple of their products.

What did I have to lose, but more elbow grease? I opted to test drive the auto dish  powder, and the results were impressive.

Yes, impressive.


Green dish washing powder that actually got my dishes clean. Consistently clean. As in, I didn’t have to do a pre-wash, a post-wash and scrub.

EcoStore’s super concentrated auto dish powder saved me time, saved water, and it made me a much more pleasant mommy.  1 Tablespoon of dish powder cleaned an entire load of dishes–so that $8.50 for a container stretches for a long time.

The dishwashing powder uses plant-based surfactants and mineral salts for extra cleaning and scrubbing power.  The natural citrus oil gives it a great scent.


When I was using other green brands of dish washing powder, I had to get my hands wet and use a concentrated dish soap.  Additionally, when I wash my hands in between working with patients (close to 30 times a day), it definitely creates wear and tear on my skin.

EcoStore’s baby moisturizer doesn’t have any petroleum-based products, perfumes, or harsh chemicals that would make me avoid applying it to a baby.  It’s been a life-saver for me recovering dry and chapped hands from constant hand-washing.  The plant-based oils and butters are soothing and completely beneficial.

For $8.50, you get an 8 fluid ounce bottle that lasts a very long time.

Room for improvement:

My only gripe is that it’s only available online in Virginia–I wish I could run over to the Blue Ridge Eco Store and pick it up or have Retail Relay deliver EcoStore products to me, but one must plan in advance and order more dishwashing powder through EcoStoreUSA before running out.  Or else, you’ll end up buying another green brand to tie you over until the EcoStore dishwashing powder arrives in your mail box, and you’ll be grumbling under your breath every time you unload those dishes with caked on scum and spots. Not that this has EVER happened to me.

If you live in Michigan, you can find EcoStore products in select Meijer and Duane Reade stores, otherwise, purchase them online.

*I received a smart seat chair protector, dishwashing powder, and baby moisturizer for the purpose of this review.  Read my full disclosure policy.

Does your child act differently when he knows he’s on camera?  Is he suddenly more shy and reserved?  Is he a total ham for the camera? Or, does he want to be a photog or videographer and wrest the camera from your grasp?

My little guy, when suddenly aware that the camera is rolling does all of the above except for act shy.  Yes, he wants to see what’s on the camera while simultaneously being the center of attention—it doesn’t usually work out very well.

So today, while in the midst of a spontaneous somersault performance, I grabbed the camera to get some fun video footage.

Suddenly, the somersaults ceased, and the creative dancing began (to Nade gau by Paul Campagne from the album Dream Songs Night Songs: from Belgium to Brazil).

See for yourself…