I heart Valentine’s Day.

Since our door wreath was more spring and summer appropriate, I retired the butterfly and moss wreath for the moment and hung up a vibrant felt one that my son and I created together.

Felt wreath with felt rose heart

The design concept was inspired by this super cute wreath from Urban Comfort–who also featured it on Family Circle Magazine.  I used her technique for holly berries and felt dhalia centers to create the rosebuds on the heart.

Using a rotary cutter and mat to cut the felt strips, and adhering them to a foam wreath base with push pins–that process took maybe 30 minutes or so.

I cut out the heart shape onto cardboard with a freehand design.  Using a glue gun, I adhered red felt to the cardboard heart.  Then, I glued it onto white felt and cut around it with pinking shears.

Using pinking shears or straight-edge scissors, I cut the strips for the rosebud spirals.  I wound them up, then hot glued them to the heart.  Once complete, I pinned the heart to the wreath.

Truly, the heart rose buds took the longest amount of time.  I almost went with the plain, flat red heart…but it was too flat.  This wreath needed a little more dimension.

The final wreath is fun, and using white paper Ikea twine, I hung it up with a command strip hook in a couple of minutes.

Because he helped put it together (picking out felt strips or handing me push pins), my son loves the wreath.  He calls it our “heart wreath.”


Fun thing about the colors on this wreath is that I could easily change out the heart and add a shamrock or a cluster of shamrocks for March, and a collage of felt stars for Independence Day.  There are so many possibilities.


Starting next week, expect to see some fun gift ideas for the whole family for Valentine’s Day–great giveaways and discount codes exclusive to you amazing readers!  SO excited!

YOUR TURN: What are your crafting ideas for Valentine’s Day?

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