I know the point of Elsie Marie’s Kids Clothing Week Challenge (KCWC) is to put in an hour every day cutting, knitting, pattern-making, or sewing, but that’s not exactly how my weekly schedule functions.

The days I work with patients, I usually fall asleep in bed reading to my son around 8 pm.  There isn’t much sewing or anything else getting done on those evenings.

But, in the spirit of KCWC, I did opt to finish up a small style project that’s been on my idea/project board for several weeks.

My son picked out a couple of five dollar tees from Old Navy in February.  Since then, I personalized a green tee with his initial, but I got stuck on what to do with the grey tee.  I didn’t want to make another one with his initial.

Then it occurred to me, with his profound interest in the Angry Birds game and noticing any merchandise related to the game anywhere at anytime, I decided to create a felt applique that was my interpretation of an angry bird.

This is what I made.

angry birds applique2

Closer look:

angry birds applique1

Once I freehand traced out pieces of felt, I cut them out and pinned them on the red background until I was happy with how it looked.

I had to redo the eyes and brows more than once.

I still think the eyeliner looks like a ninja bird or a linebacker bird, but hey, I think the overall idea is there.

Can’t WAIT to see my son’s reaction when I present him with his tee.


angry birds applique tee

Although I still have gobs of fun sewing projects on my list, I do plan to attempt to make my son a driver’s cap from some retro fabrics.  He’s totally into wearing them, but he only has a black and gray one…I think it’s about time to add a pop of color into a hat for him.

Are you participating in KCWC?  What are you sewing or creating?

I’ve been stocking up on felt to the point that I have a rainbow selection of felt sheets that almost fills a milk crate.

A girl’s gotta be ready with any color when making patriotic wreath, a heart wreath,  spring wreath, fall wreath, falling leaves, and other such fun decor.

Lately, though, I’ve been using felt to stitch handmade coffee collars for people who drink tea/coffee: birthday gifts, friends moving away gifts, and for a few special people who are helping us with the adoption process . . . I figure everyone can use a personalized coffee/tea mug collar.

Virginia Coffee Collar2

I made this one for a friend who’s moving away from Virginia–so she can have a little reminder of lovely little Charlottesville in her new home.

Virginia coffee collar

This was the first collar where I added a button and loop closure.  I loved how it turned out so much that I ripped apart the others I’d made and added the same features.

coffee collar button closure

Isn’t it cute?

Cutting out the state of Virginia on paper and then on felt took the most amount of time.  Stitching felt on a sewing machine doesn’t take much time at all.

Also, brand new elastic hair ties make the best button loop closures on coffee collars.

D coffee collar

My cousin just celebrated a birthday.  I whipped up a coffee collar just for her and added a gift card to her favorite chain coffee shop.  Can’t do local since she’s on the west coast, and I’m here and well, sometimes that is the nice thing about franchised corporations when gift giving.

If you want to make your own, just grab a cardboard coffee collar from your favorite local coffee shop and rotary cut some felt to your heart’s content.

I used 2 layers of felt for the collar, the inside felt is contrasting to match the detail of the monogram felt.  I like gray as an outside layer since it covers up spills, and it allows the contrasting felt detail to really pop.

If there’s interest, I’ll post a step by step tutorial.

Now, let me know what you’re crafting or sewing these days!

I’ve been waiting for JoAnn’s Fabrics to re-open into their mega-huge new space for quite awhile.  They hadn’t restocked their old store since February, and that really put a damper on my projects.

Happily, I toted my son with me to check out the new store and load up on the things I’d been trying to find in Albemarle county since March.

Not only did we have fun checking out all the beautiful new fabrics and other sections in the store, but they had a craft table for kids to participate while their parents shopped.

Isn’t that clever?

My son used fabric markers to color a pre-designed t-shirt.  He was so proud of his work, and he enjoyed conversing with Peggy who was so great with the kids.

Meanwhile, I found these pretties:

spring fabrics

Actually, it was my design-savvy son who helped me settle on the cheerful yellow fabrics for one particular project.  I think all 4 look fab together, but I’ll pair them for a fun project I hope to begin this weekend.

I can’t yet reveal what it is because it’s part of a gift for a lovely couple . . . and I don’t want to spill the beans until they’ve had a chance to see it first.

Not pictured, but I also picked up some Insul-Brite.  Until today, I had no idea what that stuff looked or felt like.  It’ll be interesting to sew with it.  It can’t be that different than sewing with felts.

Anyone else in Albemarle county super relieved that the new Jo-Ann’s is finally open?  

What are your latest sewing projects?

I have a slew of posts in my brain and photographed and just itching to get written up.  Expect the next several to focus heavily on my latest sewing projects.  I’ve been spending more time working on them than writing about them through the process–mainly because most of the projects are gifts for others and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

If you live in or near Charlottesville, consider joining us for sewing club at Les Fabriques on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month from 7 – 9.  It’s free. It’s fun.  Just bring along your sewing machine, knitting, crochet, or notions, and carve out some time to work on a project with a group of gals to cheer you on.

We just heard from our social worker . . . and she wants to meet this weekend to wrap up our home study before changes take effect in May for China’s updates on home study requirements.  Something about that “it only takes 2 weeks to finalize a home study” time estimate tells me that if the waiting and delays associated with adoption are anything like this process that’s currently pushing 5 weeks, then yes, this adoption process will take a very long time.

In fact, it seems like the current time estimate puts us at traveling to China no earlier than 8 months from now.

However, we’ll keep praying for the perfect match for our family and the perfect timing for us to pick her up.  It’s never been in our hands or within our control, anyway.

We’re called to adoption. We’re eagerly anticipating a sweet little girl. And, we’re thankful to those who’ve joined us in prayer, sent quilt wishes, and provided gestures of helping me sew dresses for her (once I know her age).  Thank you to everyone who’s encouraging us in this journey.

Did you know that in Hawaii, they make Hershey’s kisses with macadamia nuts?

For reals.


macadamia kisses

They taste like crunchy, sweet paradise. If only they came in dark chocolate.

If they did, I’d be in trouble.

aloha kiss

The little kiss flag says “Aloha”–LOVE it!

These sweet kisses traveled to Virginia all the way from Hawaii from a dear high school Key Club friend and her sweet family.  Thank you dear, sweet Amy and Trask family!

The kisses were intended for Calvin, but since my husband and I (especially I) act as the nutrition monitors, we encouraged sparing tastes. Generous son was eager to share with mom and dad.

Amy and I met in high school while we both served on the Texas-Oklahoma Key Club Board of Governors.  Instant friends.  I feel if we had grown up in the same city, we would have hung out all the time.  Such fun memories of key club conventions and board meeting weekends.

It was such a sweet (no pun intended) surprise to receive a bundle of fabrics and goodies from Amy whom I haven’t seen in years. (Thank you, Facebook–for connecting old friends).

The Trasks also sent along a couple of darling fabrics for our daughter’s quilt.

hawaiian fabric

Isn’t this red to yellow transition beautiful?  The floral print is so bold and so hawaiian.  If I had a few yards, I’d whip up a little dress for our daughter and a matching skirt for me.

In fact, I don’t think I have the heart to cut up this fabric into quilt squares.  I think I’d rather frame it and hang it in her room.

Check out this other fabric square: a fun white floral print on a red field.

red flower print

How fun!  It’ll be fun to show our daughter where all these fabrics originated from when we add a little map to her wish book. Geography and wishes…great combo.