I know the point of Elsie Marie’s Kids Clothing Week Challenge (KCWC) is to put in an hour every day cutting, knitting, pattern-making, or sewing, but that’s not exactly how my weekly schedule functions.

The days I work with patients, I usually fall asleep in bed reading to my son around 8 pm.  There isn’t much sewing or anything else getting done on those evenings.

But, in the spirit of KCWC, I did opt to finish up a small style project that’s been on my idea/project board for several weeks.

My son picked out a couple of five dollar tees from Old Navy in February.  Since then, I personalized a green tee with his initial, but I got stuck on what to do with the grey tee.  I didn’t want to make another one with his initial.

Then it occurred to me, with his profound interest in the Angry Birds game and noticing any merchandise related to the game anywhere at anytime, I decided to create a felt applique that was my interpretation of an angry bird.

This is what I made.

angry birds applique2

Closer look:

angry birds applique1

Once I freehand traced out pieces of felt, I cut them out and pinned them on the red background until I was happy with how it looked.

I had to redo the eyes and brows more than once.

I still think the eyeliner looks like a ninja bird or a linebacker bird, but hey, I think the overall idea is there.

Can’t WAIT to see my son’s reaction when I present him with his tee.


angry birds applique tee

Although I still have gobs of fun sewing projects on my list, I do plan to attempt to make my son a driver’s cap from some retro fabrics.  He’s totally into wearing them, but he only has a black and gray one…I think it’s about time to add a pop of color into a hat for him.

Are you participating in KCWC?  What are you sewing or creating?

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