We’ve been reading a lot of books with our son.  Several chapter books and other bedtime reads.

charlotte's web

We just wrapped up Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.  I forgot how wonderfully this books depicts memorable characters, and a beautiful portrayal of loyalty and friendship.  My son loved it so much he asked for a sequel where he can learn more about Charlotte’s daughters.  He wants the story of delightful farm creatures and a special spider’s progeny to continue.

black beauty

Recently, we finished Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty.  It was interesting reading about a period piece where horses were the lifeblood of labor and transportation.  What child doesn’t appreciate a book about horses?

wind in the willows

My husband and son are still reading Wind in the Willows together.  I think they’ve been chipping away at this for months.  I always hear them giggling when they get to the parts about Toad driving a car. . . or pretending to do so. My son’s favorite character is the Badger.

The Adventure Bible for Early Readers

Every night at Bedtime, my husband reads a few chapters of the Bible to our son.  Together, they’ve read several children’s versions from cover to cover, and now, they’re reading the Adventure Bible for Early Readers NIV version.  This version doesn’t water down the content, yet it has a few character comic illustrations scattered throughout the book.  Our son won’t fall asleep until he has the Bible read to him.  It’s a bedtime routine staple.

first catechism

On most nights, my husband works with our son through a watered down version of the Westminster Shorter Catechism called First Catechism.  They’re on question 26 out of 150.  He reviews the questions for all the questions and answers that Calvin knows, and eventually, he adds a new question/answer.  When grandparents visit, they fill in for Dad’s role by asking the questions and allowing Calvin to answer.  This has been a great way for us to teach our son Biblical truths.

What books are you currently reading with your children?  

Do your children like chapter books?

What books or readings are part of your bedtime routine?


Check out some FREE summer reading programs where your kids can earn free books, prizes, and other cool things . . . just for reading.

  • Barnes & Noble offers an Imagination Destination Summer Reading program where kids record reading any 8 books in their reading journal, and they get their pick (from a list) of a FREE book.
  • Sylvan’s Book Adventure offers free prizes (like temporary tattoos and other freebies) for points earned by taking brief reading comprehension quizzes about books. Almost any juvenile book. Quizzes are usually 10 questions in length, and based on points earned, they accumulate toward cool prizes.
  • In Scholastic’s summer reading program, kids log in their reading minutes to earn online prizes.
  • iVillage and PBS Kids offers a summer reading program that kicks off on June 18th for a 6 week program to help strengthen literacy in kids.
  • Chuck E. Cheese has a bi-weekly reading log where kids can earn 10 tokens at the end of each 2 week period.
  • Local library – If you live in the Charlottesville area, make sure you check out a branch of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library this summer.  They usually have a fantastic summer reading program for kids and teens with prize drawings, and weekly prizes based on updated reading logs.  Check out the local library in your neck of the woods to see what they have cooking for summer reading.

Do you know of any other free summer reading programs for kids?

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