Her light-filled eyes smile with delight.

Peals of laughter bubbling up to the rafters

Evoking contagious smiles from all who hear.

Glowing with radiance and vitality,

She sparkles.


Autumn 22 mos

Every child begins the world again . . .

–Henry David Thoreau

autumn wearing ruby by pediped

Autumn 22 mos standing

Standing more frequently for longer periods of time, it helps to have some pink sparkly shoes to motivate Autumn to walk.  So thankful for this beautiful pink shoes (the currently discontinued Ruby) sent from the nice folks representing Pediped as a welcome home gift for our baby girl!

ruby by pediped

Pediped also sent us the original style Abigail in silver and white.  Beautifully crafted baby shoes that are perfect for a beginning walker…and they match every spring outfit.  

It’s so much fun dressing up my little girl!

abigail by pediped

 I’m wild about the multi-textured silver flower accents (and the easy velcro on/off). 

Autumn palm Sunday

The sparkles match her personality!

You can get your own spring/summer footwear for the little sparks of joy in your life from Pediped.  Interested in learning about the latest styles? Find Pediped on Facebook, follow them on Twitter (@pedipedfootwear), and check out their pins on Pinterest.

No compensation was received for this review, but 2 pairs of shoes were received for the purposes of completing this review.  Read my full disclosure.

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