BBQ bento

When you didn’t prepare a lunch the night before, here’s a quick bento for the morning that I prepped and cooked while my husband took care of breakfast.

(bottom left) Leftover pulled pork barbecue was reheated, and then cooled down to room temperature in an ice bath.

(center bottom) A couple pieces of Trader Joe’s dried fruit Ends & Pieces makes a delightful and healthy way to end a meal.

(right) My new favorite salad has chopped up bell pepper and diced roma tomato drizzled with red wine vinegar, olive oil, sea salt, and dill weed.  SO good!

(top center) i whipped up egg cupcakes from last night’s leftovers.  Using silicone cups, I filled 1/3 of each cup with broccoli or peas.  Grated asiago cheese was sprinkled on top of each cup.  For 8 silicone cups, I used 5 free range eggs that were whisked and poured into each cup.  Cupcakes baked at 350 degrees for 12 – 16 minutes until the tops were lightly browned and bubbly.

Cupcakes are stored in the fridge as a quick and tasty protein snack.  I cooled them in an ice bath before packing them in the lunch bento.

(top left) umi bushi sour, pickled plum per my son’s request.

The great thing about making the egg cupcakes is that they store well in the fridge, and it made packing the next day’s lunch a 5 minute process in the morning.

Dr. Dolly Garnecki on Eating for Health on NBC29What a fun interview on NBC29–I was asked about healthy foods for kids, how to eat to prevent disease and obesity, and they even mentioned some of my favorite healthy lunch posts right here on Traveling with Baby.  What fun to work with reporter Jennifer Von Reuter (also a Mom), and my friend Mara Roberts who shares my passion for healthy eating for families.

Read the online interview and watch the full news clip on

Starting next week, I’m excited to introduce the podcast “Staying Aligned with Dr. Dolly” where I’ll share health tips for you and your family.  I hope you’ll join me and check it out!

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